SWKRPC Shooting Programs - Gals 'N Guns

So, what exactly is Gals 'N Guns?

It's not the low-budget B film it sounds like you'd see on late-night cable. It's actually SWKRPC's women-only shooting program, designed to create a learning atmosphere in a women's only environment. It's not a formal instructional class, but more of an impromptu get together, with women shooting and learning to shoot. There's a strong emphasis on new/inexperienced shooters as well.

So, exactly what do I need to give it a try?

An open mind, and willingness to try something new. Oh, and eye and ear protection. If you can remember, please do try to bring some eye and ear protection - we have a limited number of these - and you will have to wear both eye and ear protection to shoot. You can purchase ear plugs and ANSI-certified impact safety glasses locally for minimal fees (you can get both together for under $10) at any number of local stores, such as Wal-Mart, Westlake, Standard Supply, Mead Lumber, etc.

You do not need to have any prior expereience firing guns (although experienced female shooters are certainly welcome - come out and mentor a newer shooter!) There will be a variety of handguns provided, as well as some small-caliber rifles, along with ammunition, so even if you don't have a firearm, please join us. If you have a gun an/or ammo, you can bring it, but we'll have plenty of different firearms for you to try even if you don't.

We will provide some basic safety and instruction for inexperienced shoots, to assure that everyone has an enjoyable time in a safe atmosphere.

I'm a woman, and this sounds fun, when can I try it, and what does it cost?

Currently, Gals N' Guns is scheduled for the 2nd Monday of each month from 6:00-dark:30 p.m. Check the Range Schedule for updates. At this time, there's no charge, although we accept donations to cover ammunition costs.