SWKRPC Shooting Programs - Rimfire Shoots

So, what exactly are our Rimfire Shoots?

At the moment, our primary rimfire experience is the Ruger Rimfire challenge. You can read full details about it at the Ruger Rimfire Challenge page. Despite the name, you don't necessary have to have a Ruger to participate.

In a nutshell, during a Ruger Rimfire Challenge, you'll shot at a series of steel targets from a set distance in a prescribed order. Your score is determined by your time, plus additional penalties for missed shots. While competitive, it's designed to be a family-friendly experience, and you are encouraged to bring out your entire family to shoot. There are number of divisions and classses, to equal the playing field so that the casual shooter with simple equipment isn't necesarly competing against the hard-core shooter with all the latest tricked out equipment.

So, exactly what do I need to give it a try?

As mentioned, any .22 caliber rifle or pistol will work. You may elect to shoot in both the pistol or rifle stages, or if preferred, only shoot one of them (although the price is the same, so you're encouraged to try both rifle and pistol!). We can probably find you a loaner if you've need one or the other to compete. Eye and ear protection is of course a must as well.

Sounds fun, when can I try, and what does it cost?

There is a $5 indivual/$10 family (two or more indivuals) cost for members, while for nonmembers it's $8/$15 indiv/family.

The Ruger Rimfire challenge is held each 2nd Saturday at 10:00 a.m. (but check calendar to verify).